6S Network Meeting in Italy

Last weekend we had our first Six Seconds EQ Network meeting in Italy. Max Ghini (Director of the 6S-Italia office) and I presented – here’s Max (and look at the lovely room in the basement of an old old building, just off the main square of Bologna):


And me… I talked about using emotions and emotional intelligence to create change – with some personal stories of starting Six Seconds and our commitment to change starting with ourselves. I also shared stories of paradoxical feelings about my father, and finally the legacy of a Hawaiian woman committed to rebuilding a community space.


Here’s more of the wonderful Italia team, from left: Lorenzo, Dani, Federica, Veru:


Max introduced the Corporate Social Responsibility campaign and we all discussed the vision of partnering with business to create a context for thriving. It seemed simple and natural that we could help businesses meet their essential goals by bringing EQ to the communities where they operate:


Then teams started working on how to bring EQ to all the children and adults of Italy and beyond:


Thank you to the 50+ who joined the meeting! I look forward to the next one – which will be the Choose to Change conference in San Jose, CA, Oct 4-5 ’08.

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