Joshua Freedman

A leading expert on
applying emotional intelligence
to optimize performance.

Emotional intelligence (“EQ”) is the ability to use emotions effectively – the key competence for relating to people, sustaining drive, and making optimal decisions. Josh partners with senior leaders to leverage emotional intelligence within strategy to build workplaces where people can be and do their best.

CEO of Six Seconds, Joshua leads the global community working to increase the world’s emotional intelligence. The largest international nonprofit in this space, professionals in 150 countries and territories use Six Seconds’ tools and methods. Over 600,000 people have taken the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment (which he coauthored), including at FedEx, Microsoft, INTEL, Amazon, all branches of the US armed forces, and the United Nations. The Six Seconds community has reached over 9 million people to grow and practice EQ.

As a keynote speaker and facilitator, Joshua’s dynamic, humorous, and authentic style creates trust and leaves audiences motivated to take action.  His presentations deliver hard-core science made practical, and are tailored to address specific organizational issues including:

Strategy in Chaos

Wellbeing for Performance

Being a Leader Worth Following

Josh is the bestselling author of At the Heart of Leadership, as well as INSIDE CHANGE, the Handle With Care EQ Activity series, the SEI EQ Leadership Assessment, and the Organizational Vital Signs and coauthor of The Vital Organization.

His purpose is to inspire compassionate wisdom.  In his speaking, writing, and leadership, he does so by blending the power of emotions with rigorous, practical data.