Learn more about emotional intelligence and practical ways EQ can help you create value at work, school and life.

Productivity & Engineering Podcast: How Emotional Intelligence Is Reshaping Resilient Companies With Joshua Freedman

In the workplace, it takes more than just IQ to do great work consistently. Veamly CEO Emna Ghariani sat down with The CEO of Six Seconds, Joshua Freedman to talk about the importance of emotional intelligence in building ever lasting companies.


Adventures in Behavior Change Podcast: Being Rational About Emotions

Joshua Freedman is CEO and one of the co-founders of Six Seconds, the global community growing emotional intelligence. An educator, author, researcher and parent, Josh translates the latest neuroscience of emotion into practical insights we can all use to connect, solve problems, lead, and live better.


Moments of Clarity – Journeys with EQ Podcast: Joshua Freedman

We have a special guest this week with our CEO Joshua Freedman, who gives us 3 fascinating Moments of Clarity from his business and personal life. Joshua also talks about the effects of the pandemic on the wellbeing of society and shares how helpful being a part of the EQ community has been for him personally, and the people around him. If you or people close to you have struggled emotionally over the last year, then you should find comfort in this episode.


The Sea Change Podcast: Emotional Intelligence For School Leaders & Teachers 

How does emotional intelligence work in education? What can LEADERS do to engage in social emotional learning? 


The Way We Connect Podcast: How Emotional Intelligence Helps Us Connect (Even in Quarantine)

What is Emotional Intelligence? How can it help us to connect to ourselves and each other – especially during unprecedented times like these, where we are more physically disconnected than ever before? And how can we face the painful and difficult realities facing us and the planet right now?


22 Motivational Minutes: What are the 3-Questions To Ask Yourself to Embrace Your Emotional Intelligence 

Emotional intelligence and how it impacts business today. Joshua Freedman is the CEO of the world’s largest emotional intelligence community.  Listen in as we take this topic to a granular level.  Joshua shares why the United Nations is so interested in EQ and what the future looks like for this topic. 


Climate One Podcast: Mindfulness, Emotions & Climate Change with Cristiana Figueres

Former UN climate negotiator Christiana Figueres credits Buddhist teachings both for helping her through a personal crisis, and for providing a source of inner strength that sustained her through negotiations at the 2015 Paris Climate Accord and helped contribute to its success. “I realized my commitment and my task here is to change that global mood,” Figueres remembers. “And of course I can’t change the global mood before I change myself, because as we know all change starts with self.” Can mindfulness practice help us cope with the realities of climate change?


Inspired Parenting Radio Show: Whole-Hearted Parenting

Whole-Hearted Parenting: How to Use Emotional Intelligence to Create More Peace, Collaboration and Joy with Joshua Freedman, CEO of


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