With authenticity, humor, and science-made-practical, Freedman leaves audiences motivated and prepared to take action.  His presentations address the “people side of performance” linking emotional intelligence to practical challenges such as:

  • Accelerating change
  • Building a culture of leadership
  • Enhancing employee and stakeholder commitment
  • Exceeding customers’ expectations
  • Attracting and retaining world-class talent

Frequently requested keynotes include:

Competitive Advantage: The Business Case for Emotional Intelligence

Harvard Business Review calls it “a paradigm shattering idea,” and research shows it predicts over 60% of work and life success.  These skills foster a workplace that attracts great talent and facilitates excellent; and in an era when competitive advantage is hard to find, these competencies set star performers apart.  But what is emotional intelligence?  And even more importantly, what can you do to leverage this asset?

Sustainable Performance:  Creating a Context for People to Be and Do Their Best

Emotions can undermine collaboration, fuel dissent, and hamper people’s ability to solve problems. However the opposite is also true:  emotions can provide insight, connection, and positive energy that leads to trust, engagement, and true collaboration. The secret is skill with “emotional intelligence” – the capacity to be smart with feelings.  So how do you leverage this invaluable asset?

Leading On Purpose:  Aligning Personal and Organizational Vision

In today’s context of almost-chaos at work and in the world, people are looking for exceptional leaders.  While many leaders possess the technical skills to succeed, exceptional leaders have a secret ingredient that inspires world-class performance: “lead on purpose” putting their compelling vision into action every day.  In other words, they do the right thing, in the right way, and for the right reasons.  But how does someone become a leader worth following?

These topics provide a basis for design. However, Mr. Freedman customizes every keynote to link to the organization’s current strategic priorities (such as Human Capital Strategy) and/or the latest organizational metrics (such as Q12, organizational climate, or 360 feedback).

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