Joshua Freedman is one of the world’s leading specialists on developing and applying emotional intelligence to improve performance.

For over a decade he has helped lead the world’s preeminent emotional intelligence organization, developing offices and representatives in 25 countries; top practitioners and researchers;  renown scientists and leaders as advisory board members; and award-winning materials including five validated assessment tools.

Joshua co-developed Six Seconds’ EQ Certification Training which he has delivered on five continents as master-trainer to hundreds professionals seeking practical tools for learning and teaching emotional intelligence. He chairs the International NexusEQ Conferences and has helped launch emotional intelligence programs and companies in over a dozen countries.

Joshua’s applied research focuses on organizational climate and the factors that enhance individual and team performance. Partnering with leaders, he works to identify key relationship and emotional intelligence factors that limit and enhance success, then helps organizations implement new system so teams excel and talent thrives.

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