It’s definitely feeling like springtime now that we’re working on the vegetable garden. Trying to get Emma and Max to actually help when their “helping” may be more difficult than the rest of the work…

It’s been quite awhile since I posted here last. I guess if I was not doing so much other writing I’d be blogging more… I’m kinda spent on writing! Did 2 Q&A articles this week, on for eLearning producers in US, and 1 for a newspaper in Portugal. Hopefully both will come out next week. I also just finished a white paper on EQ and Optimism, and I really need to get the press release out on that. GAHHHH. So many balls to juggle! Good news is we are almost done editing the Leadership report for our assessment. The template is over 100 pages so it’s quite a task.

Anyway, if there is anyone actually reading this blog and wondering “where’s Josh been,” now you know.

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