Take it serious?

Well I just finished Julie/Julie by Julia Powell and I loved it (enough to write a review which I don’t really do), and now I’m inspired about this whole blogging thing. (By the way, her blog is cool: What Could Happen?)

Really the first few posts I did we just ads for what I was working on, which is cool if anyone cares, but I think maybe I’ll try actually blogging.

So I can’t believe it’s actually noon already. The day goes by in no time, it’s scary. I still haven’t eaten breakfast – again! I wish that would help my diet. Shit. But I did nordic track this morning, so 1 step ahead, 1 back… maybe that’s why this morning sitting down to work seemed kind of overwhelming.

I love working at home, but sometimes it would be great to have a bunch of people just to bs with and not really work… I think it’s an under-appreciated part of “work” — kind of a recovery time. Because people are herd animals, maybe we need to herd around sometimes? Maybe that’s why gossip is so insidious.

Today I’m going to my kids’ school to present the data on the school climate — gossip is a problem. That’s been true in just about every school I’ve measured, but we don’t have that question on our corporate survey. Maybe I’ll just stick it on there to see what happens.

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