EQ TV is Now Online!

Over the years, many people have asked for more ways to learn about our approach without having to travel — while our in-person training is transformational, it’s not accessible to everyone.  Companies have asked us to share Six Seconds’ content through their elearning, but we’ve not done much in this space because most elearning is so one-dimensional, linear… in a word, boring.  But there SHOULD be a way to share insights online and connect people globally with EQ… we do it with articles, could we make an even more intimate and “real” way of sharing?

I think we’ve found a way, and I hope you’ll test it out and let us know how to make it even better – you can get see some of the videos on the site, and get a free trial for more!

“FreedmanTV” is an interactive online channel about using emotional intelligence to get better results in business and life. It’s made of many short videos answering questions.  I suspect it will work because it has 3 key ingredients…

Bite sized:  The clips are 2-4 minutes, each on a specific question.

You drive:  The system automatically suggests new videos based on what you type and what you ask — so you “create your own adventure,” making a dynamic learning experience.

We connect:  The producers have made near-broadcast quality video — so while we might not be able to be in the room together, at least there is an immediacy and subtlety to the medium.   Plus, you can type questions and interact right there in the online community and I can respond in text or in a new video.

I’m uncomfortable being “self promotional” and so I’ll stop there — but I do hope you’ll check it out and let us know!

Here is a video answering the question, “What is Leadership?”  My answer is based on our Vital Signs Model: